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   Dear Friends,
   The main aim of our `ArtOfWar' project is to allow veterans of small- and large-scale wars after World War II, be they former or current, to express themselves. We would like to acquaint a wide circle of Internet readers with the works of people of various age, different outlooks on life and varying interpretations of the past and present, but who are united by one thing; their participation in a war, whatever its name may be. We would like to underline the fact that a work's topic need not necessarily be war itself.
   We are also prepared to accept the works of those who may not have fought in a war but live in so-called hot-spots, or who have dedicated their works to war and its veterans.
   Of course, we would prefer to receive previously unpublished, both on the Internet and in paper form, works. These could possibly be your essays or articles that for one reason or another did not reach a publisher's editorial. Another possibility may be fragments or draft copies not included in the final variant.
   We are sure that the least painful, although possibly the most difficult, way of reflecting on the past and freeing oneself from the gnawing inner memories is to write. Always remember that if you do not tell about the events in which you were a participant or witness, then no one will. In such a way yet another piece of the past will fade away into oblivion, a piece of your past. The white spots in which even our most recent past is covered in as if in freckles will not be shaded in.
   We will diligently undertake the editing and correcting of submitted works, as we understand that authors do not always have the time for this. Frankly speaking, we are sure that the author's task is to write and not torture oneself on the adjustment of orthographic mistakes. The publications in paper of the works first seen on the site `ArtOfWar' bear witness to our experience in the sphere of editing. We are more than glad to accept your corrections and notes.
   We do hope that someone from our readers will take it upon themselves to translate into English those works to which they have taken a liking. Practice shows that interest in military works is high throughout the world.
   We are more than glad to receive any comments and advice that you may have on running the server.
   We look forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to english version of "Artofwar"

Оценка: 3.72*17  Ваша оценка:

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