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Kotenko Pavel
About Love of Russian fellow storming Reichstag to German girl, Ss officer

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In a grove We could have listened to bird's song 
Listening to their loud chirp
Trees and Earth to us would have belonged  
And the world around will be blur  

We could have lived with you in quite
I would have guarded your peace
Only you were shooting, squeezing tight  
Parabellum's trigger in release 

We were told not to take you alive 
But who would've wanted you dead 
You fragile fingers sending death to life 
Should have picked flowers instead

Brothers were falling on the stairs 
You knew very well your play 
Before you on my knees, who cares?
You'd have found me anyway

Blended with the wall your jacket
Only words I couldn't understand 
You were laughing, taunting us through racket 
Squeezing trigger, making your last stand 

We were told not to take you alive 
But who would've wanted you dead 
Barbara fon Graft for my wife 
Or my bride, name would not sound bad 

Machine guns were spewing bullet 
Higher stories, fire growing strong  
Just remember beautiful blond ringlet
Touching shoulder strap of uniform 

Sweeping off all barriers and hardened 
Human torrent closing the chase 
To the vestibule from shattered garden
Brother brought howitzer to this place 

...Certainly, to kiss your at the midnight 
Where moon and stars extending bliss
Ivanov! Finish this bitch outright  
Master-sergeant strained through clenched teeth   

I, then, came forward rather fast 
And to extinguish blush from crimson cheeks 
I rested Parabellum to your chest 
But cartridge failed, and all I heard was click  

The gun was silent, you hadn't drop a single word
On the collar with your teeth you tugged 
From the beginning I went through the entire war   
To only meet you here in Reichstag

A drink, perhaps that will relieve my tension ? 
Question, answering for which I lack  
Don't just stand and face me in Attention
Better turn around and let me see your back 

Those who once held a gun 
Know exactly how it felt  
I looked at this woman and thought - I'm done 
I just wish you go to hell 

Drinking alcohol, short gulps are rough
Want to tell you more about love 
But have got to leave my autograph
With my brothers on the walls above

Hanging on my arm is my canteen  
Slowly pressing trigger, I knew  
On the walls of Reichstag in Berlin 
With your blood I will right I love you 

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