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Моисеенко Игорь Алексеевич
The Path out of Armageddon

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    According to the Providence of God the mankind still has a chance to make the following three steps that will deeply reform the following areas: 1. the system of upbringing and education;2. the structure of society;3. the ways of conception of the Universe rules.

   The Path out of Armageddon
   Global challenges faced by humanity require an immediate reaction. Abnormal climate changes are already obvious. Every year their influence on the environment becomes more cruel and tangible. Under these circumstances, a human being will not have a place good for living on the planet in a few years. The mankind has found itself on the verge of disaster of self-destruction due to its short-sighted anthropogenic policy. Only urgent measures aimed to reduce the harmful emissions into the environment can bring some slight and temporary results. But the civilization will not survive without the elimination of the main reasons for such a state.
   As the matter of fact, the reasons for death danger are hidden much deeper - in heartlessness and, as a consequence, in amorality of society built by the mankind. Moral principles is what a person is guided by in his/her activity, but humankind takes no notice of how distorted its morality is.
   Hidden causes of global crises
   Although traditional science does not hurry to acknowledge it, both progressive thinkers and devotees of all world religions and dogmas affirm that the forces of "Darkness" and "Light" are fighting for the spiritual (thin) energy of the humanity. The "dark" ones need our energy from the suffering spectrum. The "light" ones vivify people's souls with the energy of happiness and Love. The "dark" ones use the instruments of vicious spectrum of a man's structure (for instance: temptations and direct suggestions). The "light" ones use the instruments of the highest spiritual structure spectrum such as energy of inspiration and mercy. Both powers are submitted to the main Law - that is the freedom of a man's choice. And this choice was being made for thousands of years of human's development. A man passed the way from the pure, spiritual being, able to be "fed by the energy of Love" to the one, whose main goal of existence is power and enrichment.
   Meanness, cruelty and irresponsibility for the future became the moral guides of humanity and led it to the precipice of self-destruction instead of concord and harmony with eternal Love of God, whose blessed energy is absolutely enough for life sustenance. The moral degradation of society is obvious. Sacred connection is destroyed: children kill their mothers; other mothers in return throw their new born babies to garbage dumps or sell their organs. The never-ending depravation of youth through mass media by satanic ersatz art methods brings the more insidious and cruel successors up. Sadistic murders, chronic military confrontations and irreversible environmental disasters all over the Planet put innumerable victims together on the altar of Satan. In fact, we are living at times of Armageddon (Revelation 16:16). In such a way the plan of Darkness to create a society, whose main product is the energy of suffering, is being realized.
   As time passes, the situation will become worse and the suffering of mankind will increase.
   The old warnings of prophets about the end of the world through heartlessness and neglect of moral principles at all levels of personal and civil life are obvious to come true. Less and less people choose the Way to Life. That's why nowadays, taking the global development of the world civilization into consideration, heavenly virtues open the particular measures for the salvation of our civilization to their followers on Earth.
   According to the Providence of God the mankind still has a chance to make the following three steps that will deeply reform the following areas:
      -- the system of upbringing and education;
      -- the structure of society;
      -- the ways of conception of the Universe rules.
   I. The direction of educational system to the bringing up of a highly spiritual man
   Qualitative change in spiritual and intellectual development of an individual is a determining condition of mankind salvation. And it is extremely important that the ones who head the society realize not only the necessity of such shifts but their inevitability as well. It is important to realize their responsibility and began to act like the leaders of earthmen, in whose hands the authority and necessary financial resources are concentrated.
   The Holy Writ prophesies: "And He said: Let us make man to our image and likeness... And God saw all the things that he had made, and they were very good." (Genesis 1:26, 31)
   It is written not about the outward features of a man's body or its legs and arms. It is about people's ability to create together with the Creator and be happy with it as the Creator was, when he fulfilled the act of creation and blew the immortal soul into a man. Thus a man is created to be happy with the main ability and aim - to create the energy of happiness together with God.
   But having forgotten about the eternity of their own souls people built the society where the material goods and not the spiritual inheritance have become the determining priorities. Power and money became the main goal of people's existence. It led them to the system where the way to material welfare is covered with blood and suffering of others. Even if the true fighters for spirituality and fairness manage to get the rights of power they cannot fight against the system based on the principles of meanness. Due to these principles, the most cunning, sly and cruel people got the power and their moral principles were far from care of their nations. But they didn't come from another planet! That is how they were brought up by the society whose morality is based on principles of enrichment at all costs.
   Here is the main reason of civilization crises that we go through today, from economical crisis to global warming which becomes more and more unbearable. All of them are caused by deeds influenced by a low level of social morality that forms its elite.
   Moral principles are formed by culture and spirituality of the human being. The higher intellect and morality a human being has, the more knowledge he/she possesses, the better he/she sees the circumstances, and the better ability to predict the consequences he/she has.
   The insight takes place at the particular stage of intellectual and spiritual development of a human being when he/she predicts those consequences for many years in advance, realizes the mood of people around, feels their wishes and emotions, suffers and rejoices along with them and sometimes even "sees" their thoughts. Malice will immediately become evident in such a society and therefore will be eradicated fast. But this cannot be achieved without morality. These abilities cannot be found until a human being choose the way of "light" spirituality. The Creator fills up with the heaven-sent creative energy in such conditions. And there is a vision at such a level of human's development that any negative steps, falsely useful will cause only negative and destruction in future.
   And a human being rejects such steps and is guided only by his/her understanding of a necessity to live according to divine and human principles of mutual help, respect, honest admission and rectifying of its faults. The leaders with similar spiritual structure can be nominated by the society.
   The active participation of state branches of power, civil and religious unions is necessary in order to save and join the efforts of people who counteract the decline of the world; and to bring up new responsible generations with their help.
   The following stages and necessary steps are obvious:
      -- To stop immediately all emissions of industrial waste into the environment.
      -- To eliminate any confrontation on the Planet; to create the programme of peace achievement; to remove all borders and dismiss armed forces all over the Planet.
      -- To have the common consent regarding the necessity of such reforms and the concord between scientific, religious, financial and civil elites of the planet.
      -- To stop moral and physical degradation of humanity; to fight against "dark" problems such as drugs, alcoholism, negative influence of mass media up to their complete eradication.
      -- To launch special international initiatives that would work out the ways of spiritual revival of individuals, taking into consideration peculiarities and experience of cultural traditions of world nations.
      -- To create educational programmes aimed at upbringing and development of spiritual human for whom the moral principles are invincible as well as its mental and soul connection with the Creator in the spiritual energy of Love is invincible. Each religion has such a practice.
      -- To create and reorganize corresponding educational establishment all over the world.
      -- To teach the most talented and spiritual youth that should become the vanguard of the future spread of the programme of spiritual revival of a man in educational institutions.
      -- To bring bit by bit a spiritual human up with social integration into society progressing harmoniously with the Universe.
   Spirituality and intellect are stipulated by moral principles, which a man is guided by. And these components are formed not only by science, they are formed by art.
   The artists are the ones who are entrusted with this task.
   The true votaries of Moral art, infused by God, are missioned by the Creator to form the highly spiritual moral. There has been their influence into social consciousness for centuries. Let's recollect: "In the beginning was the Word: and the Word was with God: and the Word was God" (John 1:1). When a man "touches" the fascinating masterpiece inspired by God the invisible verge between consciousness and subconsciousness disappears. A man comes up to completely new spiritual level in such conditions and human psychic opens up, "gets over" all natural "barriers" and becomes unusually perceptive to positive information relating to its progressive spiritual development. The access to those deepest parts of the soul, where the moral principles are strengthened, opens. These are the components of spiritual development up to the state of creation together with the Creator. They are cherished by culture from childhood.
   Another very important thing should be emphasized: the way of spiritual revival is inevitable for all earthmen.
   Any human Spirit is immortal from the moment of its creation, regardless of where it came from and all the way down to in its regress, even for those who mistakenly consider themselves to be irreparably hopeless. A human being will be accompanied by the natural wish to be happy, to approach to the state of harmony with the Creator, at any stage of redemption, in any hell. And there will be opportunities for that. But the deeper the darkness where the Spirit of a man, blessed by God, is imprisoned because of this man's deeds is, the more painful will be the way back. Any step (a thought, a word, a wish or a deed) either aggravates or eases a man's existence on Earth; but, what is more important, it defines his/her fate after death.
   If the mankind hopes to protect the civilization, it has to change the system of education aiming it at spiritual perfection in order to bring up the youth that will understand these processes from early age. Billions are spent in order to discover the sense of these processes, namely to see and respect both a man's own predestination and the one of people around, to love them as God creatures. It will help to consolidate the society for one or two generations. All steps of such a society will be directed at the achievement of the main goal of a man's existence which is to improve human's soul in Love up to the state of unity with the Creator. This way excludes negative deeds. Thus, the whole scope of positive steps of mankind will lead to its spiritual and moral improvement, to its more harmonious functioning in the environment, which will stop all global crises.
   II. The Amendment of Falsely Democratic Principle of the So Called "Equal Suffrage," which Leads to Social Degradation.
   Mankind suffers from the baneful constitutional principle of allegedly "equal suffrage" (further referred to as ES). Due to this principle, the so-called "majority" by number (but in fact it is the "minority" by intellect and the level of spirituality), whose mentality is formed by false priorities, defines the political system. These people do not realize that the progress is impossible without temporary difficulties and sufficient efforts. But a human being who longs for nothing but his/her own financial prosperity will lose it as well because this person is not self-educated well enough to realize the reasons of impoverishment. Thus, spiritual and intellectual elite helplessly watches the regress of mankind and undergoes experiences along with the majority due to its feebleness.
   Social stratum with more harmoniously developed spiritual and intellectual potential in turn suffers from the ES. These people, spending all life trying to develop their intellectual and spiritual potential, do not have opportunities to realize it for the benefit of society. Most of them are intellectuals. Their number is not significant but their knowledge and abilities are great, they can understand the consequences much better. It is the mental and spiritual vanguard of society. But its potential remains unused. Spiritual and mental efforts of intellectuals spent on education turn into exercises useless for society, since each of them has only one vote in elections.
   On its way to salvation society must realize that intellectuals, its natural spiritual elite, have to serve the mankind with more efficiency. Each composer, writer, scientist, poet, journalist, teacher etc is able to influence educationally (by its mental and spiritual potential) on consciousness and subconsciousness of tens and hundreds of fellow citizens. Each of artists has its predestination and has to give its talent and intellect for the good of society. Each of them is more experienced and takes it into consideration while making decisions, and has fewer faults with this experience. Each of them has to lead the society. But the ES gives them the right of only one vote.
   To improve the situation, it is necessary to do the following:
      -- To accept the formula of the ES that will take into account mental and spiritual competence of a voter (for instance, proportionally to the age or intellectual contribution into national and world spiritual treasury etc)
      -- To ensure by the state authorities the use of suggestions of the vanguard of society (intellectuals, scientists and artists) by means of establishing of advice collegiate bodies of scientists and artists whose members will be intellectual elites under the higher state institutions. Einstein, Tolstoy, Mendeleyev, Beethoven were such people, the people who had access to the Highest Energies of Knowledge Infused by the Creator and who possessed the global positive logical-intuitive thinking.
   True artists are guided by the inspiration of God and His Will. They do not need the power as an instrument to get material wealth. Being at the last Judgment a soul won't be asked about the number of fast horses in its stable, but about the expediency and good of its existence. Consciously devoting all their life to God, these people at a mature age or in last years of their being on Earth won't betray the Truth for the sake of the trifle of creature comforts. They understand that in this case they will lose the more important treasure, which is the happiness of communication with Lord through his inspiration. And they are ready to bear their crosses for the sake of realization of His Plan. Due to this their wisdom is supported by social confidence. Not without reason is it said that the beauty will save the world.
   With the lapse of time the common results of governments and such advice collegiate bodies will form the trust in social consciousness and deeper respect for such a governing of social superstructure. Choosing of this way will become the decision of wise nations that trust their most experienced and wise representatives. Objectively, setting up of such bodies (for instance, the Forums of Spiritual Celebration (Service) is possible if the highly spiritual society exists for 1 or 2 generations.
   III. The Expansion of Ways of Universe Cognition
   With the harmonious unity of spiritual and intellectual development, every human being is capable of reaching the level when his/her spiritual and intellectual potential will allow him/her to obtain true and extremely important knowledge by means of imaginative perception. Certainly, it is possible only within a socially safe system.
   The range of sensitivity of perception organs is limited by a person him/herself. But this range can be widened to the sphere of communication with the Higher spiritual creatures and the Creator, and to the perception of energy of inspiration. The science undervalues this way of perception. But such changes can be so large-scaled and can turn the history of Human Civilization development into completely different direction. So far the science "crucifies" the supporters of "the spiritual way of perception" just like the Inquisition burned its best figures. But in fact the logics are only guessing about the existence of phenomena the essence of which has already been known by ethics for thousands of years. For example the scientists of the world have already studied the connection between the activity of the Sun and climatic changes on the Planet and mental and emotional surges of society. But they still haven't noticed the initial dynamic interdependence between the condition of the Sun and thin mental and sensory energies, radiated by the mankind, which has been known to the wisest since the ancient times. But their appeals for harmony and mercy are not heard because of the crying of miserable people and saber-rattling of vicious ones. Nature responds with terrible disasters; and the scientific and experimental way of perception doesn't believe in "anything" obvious unless "this" can be explained and reproduced.
   A human being must unite "scientific" and "intuitive" ways of cognition thanks to which the most valuable discoveries are made and the most talented works are created. Such an incentive gives the new sources of energy and establishes the new extension of everlasting moral priorities.
   These changes should affect all spheres of human activity and help to release colossal resources and energy.
   After taking the above mentioned measures, the conditions necessary for avoiding the precipice of self-destruction will emerge. The spiritual component will dominate in civilizational development that will be aimed at the main goal of existence which is the harmonious unity of a human with the Creator "co-creating" the energy of Love.
   The servant, that duly manages his master's estate by the order of this master, is called "wise" in the New Testament. And then the Lord says about the servant who knew the will of the master, but didn't perform it: "shall be beaten with many stripes"..." And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more" (Luke, 12:47, 48).
   The Holy Books of all religions contain such precepts of God. And therefore the Word of this Appeal concerns all people on Earth. But first of all it is addressed to the ones "whomsoever much is given".
   "The kings of the whole earth" (Revelation 16:14) are still able and missioned to lead their nations out of Armageddon - the spiritual state of self-destruction. They have to recant the works of Darkness and follow the way of Light step by step.
   I suggest that You initiate the setting up of a coordination institution at the highest international level, which will consider the suggestions above, work out the appropriate solutions and launch decisive and considerable changes in the moral and spiritual sphere of society and the ecology of the Planet.
   Moiseenko Igor,
   member of the National Writer's
   Union of Ukraine,
   Laureate of Bogdan Khmelnitsky's
   Literary and Artistic Prize

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